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Riley Cain was born in Dublin City, Ireland, in 1968.

For as long as he can remember, Riley was interested in writing stories, penning his first adventure tales for the entertainment of classmates in school. Always a keen reader, it was when he discovered classic works of supernatural fiction that he decided on the type of stories he would create.

Riley’s first published book, The Halloween House, was released in 2020. It came about after Riley wrote some fun poems for his nieces and nephews, a number of which were spooky Halloween tales. He challenged himself to write one for each day of October and eventually had the collection that makes up The Halloween House(readers regularly tell Riley that The Witch’s Knickers is a personal favourite).

In 2021 Riley published his first full novel for younger readers. Keeping with spooky themes and a rich cast of ghosts associated with his native Dublin, Riley dipped into Ireland’s mythology to create Banshee Rising. The tale follows the adventures of Caitlyn McCabe, a girl with the most unusual ability to see those dwelling in the spirit world. When she is guided by the mysterious Professor Sackimum Brody to fully understand her gift, Caitlyn is plunged into a race against time to defeat an ancient evil rising from Ireland’s haunted heart to threaten the world.

Riley still lives in Dublin and continues to work with all manner of ghosts and gods to write supernatural adventures and more spooky poems to share with the world.

Welcome to the Riley Realm, the space dedicated to the Spooky books of Riley Cain.


Banshee Rising 
The Halloween House
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Keep up to date with Riley’s dark delights.

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The Curse of Silver and Sunlight
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