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The Curse of Silver and Sunlight

‘You will sleep with the dead, Benjamin Blake!’

A witch’s whispered promise. A book of wicked spells. A band of rebellious vampires, and a battle to control dark magic.

Rural Essex, 1645 - a time of sorcery and civil war.  When 15-year-old Benjamin Blake falls victim to a witch’s fatal prophecy, death comes creeping in. The only chance for survival comes with a price: the curse of silver and sunlight.

Banished from the daytime world forever, Benjamin joins vampires Juno, Darach, Varney, and Brill, as they flee the clutches of evil enchanter Adefina Corvus. Hopes of freedom lie in a stolen book of spells, ready to offer power to whoever can decipher its coded text. None but Adefina has ever succeeded.

The grimoire’s secrets must be revealed if Benjamin and his friends are to escape England’s most wicked witch.

Benjamin is about to open its ghastly pages.

But Adefina is coming, murdering her way back to her precious book.

The chase is on!

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