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What is 'Project Silver?'

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

What happened to January?? Isn't that the month that's supposed to just draaaag after all the fun of Christmas? But I blinked and, 'poof', it was done!

The blame for that lies with the launch of the website, and all the positive feedback I've been getting from you guys - thanks for all, I'm glad you like it. But, no sooner have I got a handle on things this month when another 'deadline day' looms like a speeding train.

Those of you following me already on Twitter or Instagram will have seen me dropping hints about something called 'Project Silver' since late last year, and a few have DM'd me to ask just what it is. Well, with the site now up and running - and with a 'Coming Soon' section waiting to be filled - I can share a few more nuggets, hopefully to keep you checking back in the weeks ahead.

'Project Silver' is the working title for my new book, a supernatural adventure due this spring. (Yes, I know I'm supposed to be 'the Halloween guy' and I would have been in 2022 but some creative issues around the book last autumn slowed things for me. I'll be back on track for October with yet another big announcement, I promise you.)

But I'm getting ahead of myself. 'Project Silver' first. As previously teased, I've put together a thrills 'n' spills tale of witchcraft and night creatures in a deathly struggle ofr a book of magic - a grimoire. If you want to meet the most powerful vampire in London and hear how he came to possess his unique powers at barely 15 years old, then this is a tale for you:

"What did he look like? Well, it’s easy to forget he is nearly four hundred years old now. In the flesh, he is a boy of fifteen, the age at which he was transformed to ‘the shadow world’; that’s what he calls it. He is of medium height and build, though immensely strong. His hair is full and raven black, his skin smooth and quite pale and he has nails one might consider somewhat long and sharp for a boy. His eyes, when you can hold their intense gaze, are sky blue most of the time. But in the moonlight, or when a candle flickers, they reflect that silver sparkle of the undead."

'Project Silver' will get a full title reveal in the coming weeks, and after that the all-important cover reveal. When I tell you that the illustration has been deigned by Alba Esteban (@alesturadesign) who was behind the look for both The Hallowen House and Banshee Rising, you know it's going to be great.

Watch this space for more soon.

13th February 2023

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