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‘You’ll never guess what I saw last night.
A witch flew across the moon.
And she laughed and sang on her old broomstick.
Because Halloween is coming soon’

Do you dare open the collection of twisted tales that inhabit The Halloween House? Will you stay for A Spooky Sleepover and meet characters like Manky Franky Twinkle Toes and Dr Sherbert Stink?

As the nights begin to whisper of Halloween, settle down, pull the covers tight and listen for the whistle of The Devil’s Locomotive, or the passing of The Phantom Highwayman as you read of the Witches’ Broomstick Race and learn the terrifying truth of Why the Scarecrow Smiles.

These and other stories add up to thirty-one poems crawling with nightly thrills for the ‘spooktacular’ month of October.

Halloween House Front (1).jpg

The Halloween House

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